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Why Microsoft Office University is the Most Versatile Software for Students

Whatever you’ve chosen to study at university, you’ll most probably have access to the relevant and specific software to use on campus on university equipment.

However, for your everyday needs, when it comes to accessing applications to create exceptional assignments and work with others from almost anywhere, you can’t beat owning Microsoft Office University – here’s why …
  • Word – the perfect tool for creating exceptional reports with title pages and headlines that stand out with dramatic effects, writing research papers with features like citations and bibliographies that save time and assist in accuracy.  In Word you can add impact, style, and clarity to your work with a wide variety of SmartArt graphics and text effects that help give your writing a polished look and help you communicate key ideas or data visually
  • Excel – the powerful analysis tools in Excel help you identify trends in data at a glance.  The 3-D charts and graphs mean you can visualise your information and the conditional formatting feature means you can highlight significant items in your data set.  Sparklines-small charts that summarise information – can be inserted alongside your data
  • PowerPoint – helping you to showcase your originality by expressing ideas using media from high-quality video to audio and photos in PowerPoint.  PowerPoint has photo and video editing features that incorporate visual effects which are easy to use and help to make your presentations more dramatic.  You can even broadcast your presentation through your Web browser to remote audiences
  • Outlook – gives you email, calendar and task tools to simplify communication and organise your personal schedules with reminders so you don’t have to forget an appointment or miss a meeting ever again.  You can stay connected to your email using Outlook Mobile on your smartphone.
  • OneNote – a great tool to capture and share all your information – particularly useful for taking notes which will link automatically to Word or PowerPoint.  You can sync to the cloud and access and edit your entire notebook from a browser, even on a machine that doesn’t have OneNote installed!
  • Publisher – these powerful design tools help you promote yourself or your club to create posters, brochures, postcards and much more.  There are photo-editing options and advanced typography tools to help make your marketing material really stand out.
  • Access – organise most types of information – research material to accounts data – by creating databases in Access.  Managing complex information is easy using pre-built templates that you can then customise to your own specification
So where can you get your hands on this product?  The quickest and cheapest way to buy Office University 2010 is to shop online and purchase a download version – this saves waiting for a boxed product to arrive and means you can be using the software within a few minutes of purchase.  There are many special online deals for discount software for students – Phoenix Student Store for example is offering this product at £69.99 to higher and further education students only (proof of eligibility will be required).
Start your university course with the right tools and get the benefits from this complete suite ofapplications that will last through university and beyond!

By Amy Henderson, writer for Phoenix  Software on tips for students and student software.


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