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Retweet or Reblog: Which One Is Your Pick?

While Twitter had been one of the major players in the world of social networking, Tumblr is also an emerging name these days. Now the burning question is which one should be your pick – Retweet and reblog?

Twitter, the brainchild of Jack Dorsey is a micro blogging service that hit the world of social networking in July 2006. Since then it has created over 300 million tweeter followers all over the world with 300 million tweets and retweets and 1.6 billion search queries. Tumblr, on the other hand, is the creation of a few New York based technocrats in 2007.

Its chief aim is to combine the benefits of all the raging social networking sites. Thus, the makers and the budding users say that it includes the interactive features of Facebook, micro blogging features of Twitter, supports high resolution photographs just like Flickr and offers all-inclusive blogging similar to Blogger. The question, “Which is your pick retweet or reblog” hence emerged more strongly when the famous musician, John Mayer closed his Twitter account and opted for a Tumblr account.
Why Twitter lags behind?
Although Twitter continued to be in dedicated service to its users all these years but some of its demerits are getting more and more prevalent these days. The journalist Lev Grossman of “Time” magazine puts in that users of Twitter often mix up personal life with a person’s Twitter profile. So, while being a fan of someone they feel that they have become a part of their personal life too.
But the naked reality is that knowing a person’s preferences, a few events of family life and having knowledge about his or her likes and dislikes never mean that you are personally connected to the person. Some say that Twitter has become a platform for sharing incidents and events only and people hardly get any time to get into the emotional part of the same.
So, does that imply that Twitter followers are becoming robots? The list of followers that Twitter creates for a person or a particular aspect of his or her life is also dangerous. There are fair chances that one can become a prey to social predators that can create nuisance with your personal information.
What makes Tumblr score over?
The most important thing about Tumblr that will draw more and more followers towards it in days to come is the convenience of opening an account in it and easy to operate functions. Many people have started believing that it is a future of social networking.
Here the blogs created have intelligent discourse. The templates, images and patterns found in Tumblr are more interactive and emerging in comparison too. The comprehensive dashboard of Tumblr features options like Text, Photo, Link, Quote, Chat, Video, and Audio. These make blog posting faster, accurate and convenient. Thus, it stands by what it says, “Easiest Way To Blog”.
Further comments on reblogging suggest that Tumblr gives opportunities to continue with a conversation and argue on a case. This enables the users to develop further on the reblogged blog posts. Hence, it generates more traffic to a blog too. It also brings an issue to the forefront without killing it by sound bite or mere ripping off.
To conclude, the apt answer to the question, “Retweet or reblog: which one is your pick?” will be, the era of Twitter is not over at all. The decreasing curve of fan followers is only suggestive that the breakthrough period of Twitter has passed after hitting its optimal altitude. This is phenomena for all social networking sites and no one is immune to it.

About the author: Alia Haley is very passionate when it comes to blogging and writing. She is a gadget freak and loves to write on technology. Her articles include various aspects associated to Android tablets and currently she is writing on USB flash drive.


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