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December 2011 – Ask Will Online Stats From Google Analytics – The Effect of Christmas!

Compared to the previous month of November which was ‘the most successful month’ ever for me, December was a huge disappointment. This was all down to it being the holiday season. At Christmas, people are just not online. Even so, as much as it pains me to bring you the stats of December. Here they are.

Ask Will Online’s Stats (From Google Analytics) December 1st – January 1st
Visits – 7,605

This is a decrease of about 2,400 visits from last month, which is a big shock especially with my aim being to increase visits by 2,000 every month. You can definitely see the effect Christmas has had on Ask Will Online from the picture of my traffic below:

Where the traffic starts to fade is around 15th December and it hasn’t recovered yet. I think this is also due to New Year’s Eve and Day. Once people are back into their normal routines, it will hopefully go back to the consistently high traffic.
My bounce rate doesn’t seem to be on the decrease any time soon. Although, it is not increasing either, staying constant around the 80% give or a take one or two percent.
Pageviews 11,645 therefore average pageviews per visit is 1.53
This is a decrease of around 3,000 pageviews which is disappointing. The only positive is in the pageviews per visit, which has increased from last month from 1.42 to 1.53. This means more people are visiting more of my pages on my site which is good: the more deep into a website a visitor goes, the better it is for the website owner and his/her stats!
Traffic Sources

What surprised me most is that search engine traffic has dropped from 88% to 84%. This is due to an increase in referral and direct traffic. My only explanation for this is that people are finding me directly instead of searching for me on Google or they have my site bookmarked.
Search Engine Traffic

It seems to be that each month, search engine traffic only has one positive: percentage of new visits is increasing. Other than that, the pages/visits, time on site and bounce rate all seem to be getting worse (as they are in red on the picture). But, from comparing to last months, it is hardly worse. My organic traffic is actually staying very consistent (the changes are not significant)
Making Money Online
  • I used Adsense for the first half of December (luckily, when the traffic was at its highest!) bringing in more than the whole of November’s earnings! So I stopped and tried different monetizing methods…
  • I focused on BuySellAds and managed to sell two ad spaces. However, it hasn’t made me nearly as much money Adsense did. 
  • I therefore have resorted back to Adsense. The money is still coming but not as fast due to the low traffic.
Let’s all hope for better in January! 


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