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Writing For an Online Gift Store

Writing engaging content for your Ecommerce website is one of the most important online activities that you can engage in. One can learn about SEM, SEO and Social Media but if you are not creating good copy then you are already losing out. Great content drives traffic to itself, people link to it, it is promoted on Social Media and most importantly it is rich in keywords and drives organic search traffic. For the owner of an online gift store it is all too easy to fall in to posting about your individual products or bland updates on your business. This content is not going to engage readers and it is not going to get invaluable back links to your site.
The first thing that you need to do is set an editorial calendar. Trying to at least get an article online each week, preferably 2 or 3 can be quite a challenge. A clear editorial calendar, with a schedule and topics to be written on, will save time and keep you motivated. More importantly it allows you to create content that is keyword rich and targeted. If, for example, one of the keyword’s that you are focusing on is “Unique Irish Gifts“, then you could put an article up titled “Unique Irish Gifts for Christmas”. The title is one that will attract attention and still allow the keyword to be worked in to the text in a natural format.
Here are a few ideas for you to consider on your gift shop blog.
Blog reader bargains. Customers that you build a relationship with, are customers that repeat buy and recommend you to their friends. Make the feel appreciated.  To this effect, make sure that you have occasionally gifts for sale that are only advertised to your readers, say via a blog and a mailing list. This branding and loyalty exercise, should look at gifts that are emotive. Irish gifts such as a piece of the auld sod, and so forth. Go for Irish gifts that will become talking points between your customers and their friends.  It also makes your readers feel that they are on the inside track. It is a great way to ensure that they look in to your site on a regular basis as well.
Yourself. The key block to achieving online sales is trust. Customers like to know who they are dealing with. So why not do up some content about yourself. Why not write about your experiences as an online gift shop owner. Did a customer buy a special Irish gift, or any type of gift, and have a unique story. This is more than an ecommerce store, this is you livelihood and a passion, let that fore and integrity shine through in your writing. Add in photo’s of yourself, photo’s of your gifts being wrapped for dispatch. Try to avoid possibly contentious issues such as religion and politics.
What is on in the News. Are there any topics at the moment that are relevant to you, or your business. Just as importantly are they issues that affect or are of interest to your target demographic. Using the example of an Irish gift shop, once more. May be you could write about St. Patricks day festivities in March. If there are new crafts or an exhibition on in Ireland of unique gifts. You do not have to be selling those gifts, but you are interested in targeted traffic for Irish gifts.  The more unusual your story, the more topical, then the greater change it has of going viral.
Artisan  Irish gifts.  Why not look at your producers for inspiration. Arrange a quick interview, and write a post around it. This is really a great idea, when you are dealing with creative Irish gifts, or any type of gift. You can really bring the product to life and express the creative spirit behind it. Gifts that are hand crafted or that are related to a specific area, are ones that are always going to be of interest to your customers and to search engines.
Customers. Do any of your customers have any interesting or unique stories regarding their purchases. Did that Claddagh ring become an engagement ring. People like to see people that are the same as them being happy, having a great story to tell in relation to a purchase from your business. It is all about building trust remember.
I hope these ideas help you create a clear planned editorial calendar. Remember that website are like the “Field of Dreams” – Build it and they shall come. The better and more interesting the content, the more people will link to it and share it. The more diverse the content, the more that Google will reference it in search engine results.
Happy writing.

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