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Top 5 Link Building Tips

Link building is the process of getting more and more quality links pointing to your website. Links are the most heavily weighted factor for search engine rankings. However, content is also very important as it is the quality content that is going to get maximum links for you. But eventually it all comes to the number of quality links a website has.

Generating links for your website does not mean getting thousands of links in a very short period of time. It is always better to work gradually on the link building process. Generating few links on a regular basis over a long period of time, say 4 to 6 months, is much better than creating thousands of link in a few weeks. The search engines will catch the shortcut tricks and a red flag will be flagged for your website which may ultimately end up in getting your website banned from popular search engines. The gradual process of link building will show that your website is gaining popularity on a regular basis and more and more websites are linking in because your website is popular.
Further, getting a few links from high page ranking websites (generally PR>5) is considered much better than getting many links from low page ranking websites. These high PR websites will link into your website only if they find the information interesting and worth sharing.
Mentioned below are top 5 link building tips that will help you in generating maximum quality links for your website.
Target Social Media Sites: Social Media sites are a very powerful tool for generating quality links for your website. Write an exceptional piece of content that can influence readers and then post it on various popular social media websites such as Digg, Stumble upon, Delicious etc. write attractive headlines or titles that can automatically bring in viewers. A great summary is also very important as most of the users vote on a post by just reading the review or summary mentioned for it.
Guest posting: Guest posting is another great method of creating links for your website. You need to write highly informative and attractive content for being able to post as a guest. The post will allow you to get inbound link for your website. The value of the link depends on the authority and page rank of the website you are posting into. Try to create headlines that reflect that the content is for the benefit of the viewer rather than for you.
Networking Emails: You can always approach other bloggers and create relationships with them. Offering something first to them will definitely make them think about giving links to your website. You can approach popular bloggers in your domain, top social media users and other web forum contributors who can provide you with effective links. You can always initiate conversation with these people via Emails and Instant messengers. Try to get their attention and make them believe why they should help you.
Linking Out: You must be aware of the most popular bloggers in your domain. Getting involved in conversations on these blogs is a great way of making sure that you get noticed. You can always link out to these blogs and take an active part in the discussion on their blogs. These bloggers track their blogs on regular basis and if they find your inputs interesting then they can definitely provide back links for your website too. The key point to remember here is that your inputs should be relevant to the blog and must have some meaningful information. Attractive headlines will definitely get you noticed and the meaningful content in the body will gain the trust of the bloggers.
Article Directory submission: Submitting articles to article directories is also a great way of generating links for your website. These article directories provide direct links to your website and can divert a significant traffic to your website. Make sure that the content you are submitting is of topmost quality as top article directories such as Ezine articles does not allow users to publish poor quality content.
Website owners must make sure that they are getting best services from their SEO partners. A better way of optimizing your website is by developing it from a web development service provider who also provides SEO services. If they know that they have to provide Search Engine rankings for the website after developing it then they will develop it in the most search engine friendly manner.
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