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Basic Twitter Vocab for Beginners

For anyone new to Twitter, it can be quite daunting understanding words and phrases which look completely alien to you. To solve this problem, here is a list of all the words, phrases and vocabulary you need to use Twitter. It’s the Twitionary laid out in a simple, easy to read list.

Twitter – A form of micro-blogging where instead of sending messages ‘one-to-one’, messages are sent from ‘one-to-many’.
Followers – Twitter users which follows you to see your messages.
Lists – Custom timeline which let’s you see tweets from people included in the list.
Timeline – A way of viewing al recent tweets from a list or from Twitter users you are following

Tweet – A message that is sent from you to users that are following you.
Mention – A message everyone can see but is directed at one individual through ‘mentioning’ their name by placing a ‘@’ in front of their Twitter user name.
Retweet – A tweet that has been tweeted again by another Twitter user.
Direct message of DM – A message sent to a Twitter user which only the Twitter user can see (private tweet).
Hash tags (#) – A way of letting others see what you tweet if they search for your hash tag on search (hash tag  = #_______).
Trends – A list of keywords which are being tweeted a lot at the current time.

There you are: the basic Twitter language. If you want to know more in depth Twitter vocabulary, I would reccomend visiting twitionary, a website full of words related to Twitter.


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