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Blogging Can Be More than a Hobby

This is a guest post by Andre Violante

Do you ever wish you could do what you love and get paid for doing it? Many bloggers are finding that they can do exactly that. A growing number of advertisers are looking for writers to blog about their products or services. In fact, I’ve never seen so many blogging opportunities since I started blogging over five years ago.

Some bloggers find advertisers and set their own prices, but most bloggers work through a network.
Here are a few sites that can help you get paid to blog.

1. SocialSpark

SocialSpark lets you use your existing blog to earn money from interested advertisers. This site puts you in touch with businesses that want you to create blog posts related to their industry. Once the advertiser approves your post, it will be published to your blog and you’ll receive SocialSpark points that can be accumulated and converted to monetary compensation through PayPal.

2. Bucks2Blog

Bucks2Blog is a new site that brings paid blogging opportunities directly to you. When you sign up, you will receive a weekly email from Bucks2Blog with a list of the topics advertisers need bloggers to write about. From this list of topics, you can choose to apply for the jobs that fit your blog best and seem most interesting to you. If you’re accepted to write the needed post, you’ll get payment within 15 days of completing the job. Since they review each blog, you have to apply and be accepted. That means you must have an existing blog that has quality content and readers.

3. GigCoin

While GigCoin may not post as many blogging opportunities as some other websites, it does offer the advantage of getting paid right when your writing is approved instead of making you wait weeks for compensation. In order to use GigCoin, sign up for a free account. As a registered user, you can view available paid blogging gigs, and you can also post your own pitches for people to hire you to blog.

These are a few proven sites with real paying jobs, but there are definitely others out there. If you know of other good paid blogging opportunities, please leave a comment to share the details with other bloggers looking for paid work.


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