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Google AdWords PPC Review

Google AdWords can be seen as one of the or the best way to advertise your website or blog on the internet.

In association with Google Adsense, Google AdWords brings reliable relevant customers to your website of blog, unlike many other pay per click advertising programs. What more, because the rules on Google Adsense are so strict on invalid clicks, you can always be sure that each one of your clicks is valid, and your not getting ripped off.

Google AdWords words along side Adsense, where people who use Adsense will show the adverts of the people that use AdWords. Now, when reviewing Google AdWords, there are many factors to take into consideration:

User Interface

The UI of AdWords is good, using JavaScript the whole time. Now this has positives and negatives, but unfortunately mostly negatives. It takes longer to open different page, freezes my web browser and doesn’t respond immediately when I click on something. It could just be me, but either way, like Adsense, they should have an older version that you can resort to, just in case you don’t like the new UI. Going on, without the bugs, the UI is clean with information, facts and figures displayed clearly. I like the way they made the tabs bar green as we associate green with ‘good’ making AdWords look good to use.

Home screen for Google AdWords


You have to ask yourself, is AdWords got good quality? Quality meaning easy and efficient use of starting and maintaining ad campaigns, then the answer would be a big fat yes. Type what you want your ad to say, say how much your willing to pay per click, and how much your willing to spend on advertising a day and that’s it! AdWords makes advertising so simple and easy. The first time I used AdWords I knew how to do everything after 20 minutes. That’s something.


This is kinder controversial as to get your ads displayed, you do have to pay quite a lot ( around 40p+) but you can argue that your getting quality traffic for that. My personal opinion is that you get what your paid for, unlike other advertising programs where you you get invalid clicks.

People sometimes make the perception that because Adsense is trouble (being banned etc..), AdWords is the same. This isn’t true though. Adsense and AdWords are TOTALLY different.
It’s like comparing a Classic Car to a Ferrari. The Classic Car is trouble unlike the Ferrari, if you get me? 🙂
Either way you look at it, try out AdWords, especially as they give £30 free when you sign up!


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