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Hitler coming into power – History GCSE – All You Need To Know

Hitler coming into power is a very important factor that eventually lead to World War II breaking out. From dates, 1918-1934, I will tell you how Hitler went from being a ‘weakling’ in German politics to dictator or ‘Fuhrer’ of Germany.

1918 – Weimar Government forms, Ebert takes over Kaiser
As you know, World War I has just finished and what could be known as a new age in Germany has just started. In 1918, Germany are at peace with the allies with them being England, France and Germany. The Kaiser or King fled the country and Chancellor Ebert takes over his role. As well as all that, the Social Democratic party forms the new Weimar Government.

1919 – Treaty of Versailles 
In 1919, the Spartacist, another government (like Labour or Conservatives) have a rebellion to try and get into power. Remember the Spartacist are communists. The Treaty of Versailles is also formed, with Germany having to:
– Reduce their army to 100,000 soldiers and Friekorps had to stop his private army. Army was not happy!
– No tanks
– No submarines, air force and only 6 naval ships
– Loss of Land (Ruhr)
– Germany had to sign ‘war guilt’
– War reparations of £6,600 million

1920 – Kapp Putsch, T of V reactions and strikes
As the Treaty of Versailles limits the army, Friekorps dis-bonded the private army and himself. Hitler also went on to storm the Kapp Putsch by force to get power. This failed and he ended up in prison but many people liked him for the way he stood up for himself. Many people also go on strike.

1923 – Hyperinflation
Firstly, Germany simply can’t keep up with the reparations they have to pay, it’s just too much. As well as that, the French invade the Ruhr as the treaty say it’s there land. The Weimar Government don’t like the way France just come and take land and therefore tell all the German workers in the Ruhr to go on strike or passive resistance, where the workers don’t do work but still get paid. Now, because the Weimar Government now have the reparations and wages of the Ruhr workers which now have no income as they are not working, they decide all they cam do it print money which made money less valuable which is hyperinflation. Hitler also decides when he’s out of prison to have a rebellion with Von Kahr and Ludendorff.

1924 – Chancellor Stresemann starts to stop Hyperinflation
Chancellor Stresemann is now the Chancellor for Germany and starts to pay reparations, changes the current currency to a new currency called the ‘Reich mark’, introduces a new foreign policy and Dawes plan loan from USA to help keep up with Germany’s payments.

Hitler coming into power
1) The Weimar Government got weak .
2) The Munich Putsch in 1923 got Hitler a lot of publicity.
3) 1923-33: election campaign, tried getting votes through force. Didn’t work as in 1928 he only got 2.3% of votes. BAD!
4) 1929: Wall Street Crash – US call back their loan. Great depression in Germany. 1933 votes 43.9% now – still not over 50%, has no majority.
5) Hitler invited in – Hitler employs Von Schleicher. President Hindenburg just sacked Von Papen the Chancellor, he’s very angry. Von Papen goes to Hitler too and joins forces. 
Hitler is appointed Chancellor with Von Papen vice Chancellor.
Hitler’s Consolidation of power
1) Reichstag Fire Feb 1933: Communist and Dutch Van der Lubbe apparently ‘tried’ o burn Reichstag down although there’s speculation that Hitler did it to get Emergency Decree. 4000 communists were arrested and Hitler got the Emergency Decree – can arrest anyone without trial.
2) Enabling Act May 1933 – Hitler can now pass any law without asking Hindenburg or Reichstag, in theory, Hitler is dictator. 66% of Reichstag agree. Hitler used Emergency Decree to ‘bully’ people into voting for him. He is now Further all but in name.
3) Night of the Long Knives June 1934 – 200 SA leaders + Rohm, head of SA killed. He also kills Von Papen, Von Schleicher and Von Kahr. Accuses SA leaders of being drunkens and homosexuals.
4) Hindenburg – dies Aug 1934.
Hitler now becomes Dictator


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