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Adsense, does dominate most of the pay per click market, as it’s one of the bests out there. However, other businesses are creeping into this market and are very good contenders for Google’s Adsense. Chitika is a good shout as it re-defines the term used by many pay per click programs: contextual advertising.

Firstly, let’s get down to basics. For payments they can either be in cheque ($50 minimum) or you can use your PayPal address. You can block certain websites from appearing on your adverts (e.g. the low paying websites) and every time you refer to a friend you get 10% of their revenue for 15 months and Chitika is compatible with adsense, so you can use them both on your website At the moment it sounds good doesn’t it?

Now, let’s get down to the ad formats

Someone has search for ‘twitter’ on Google and now has adverts related to twitter

Chitika provides a broad range of advertising, from mobile to list form. But, the one that stands out the most is search engine optimization adverts. These are adverts that base the ad content on what you search into the search engine. For example, if you search “ask will online blogger help”, and then click on my website, and I had Chitika SEO ads running, the ads will be related to blogger and blogging help which means your CTR (Click Through Rate) will increase dramtically. Another cool feature is that if Chitika have no contextual advertising to show, you can decide to not show it, which means the ads only appear when they are related to the user seeing them.

Right now, I’m not using Chitika as I don’t liek the fact it’s in dollars and using Ad:Dynamo (advert above is Ad:Dynamo) For my review on Ad:Dynamo, click here a look at the adverts if they interest you šŸ˜‰

The sizes of the ads are much broader than adsense too, which what I think is about 30% more sizes to choose from making this PPC program very flexible to your website. Colours are not at all limited with you choosing from what could be 15 million different colours for link, text, background and border.

My Verdict on Chitika is an 8/10. It’s great in every way but it can’t be used as a real adsense alternative. With most blogs and websites, traffic from search engines is about 40% at max. This means only 40% of your visitors will see contextual advertising related to them. What about the other 60%? This is why I think it’s best to have a mixture of adsense and Chitika on your website. Adsense ads to be displayed for everyone and the chitika ads to be displayed when visitors come in from the traffic source of search engines.

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